Natural Beauty, Modern Pleasures

In the northwestern corner of South Carolina lies Lake Jocassee, the Carolinas' most pristine lake, renowned for its distinct history and unspoiled beauty. Lake Jocassee's mesmerizing blue-green waters are fed by untouched rivers and springs that flow from the tree-lined slopes of the Appalachians, the world's oldest mountains. The watersheds supporting this rare treasure encompass over 40,000 acres of protected lands, never to be altered from their present, natural state. With fewer than forty homes along the 75 mile shoreline and extremely limited private land, many call Lake Jocassee the "Lake Tahoe of the East."

Just a short drive from vibrant cities like Greenville, Charlotte, and Atlanta and close to charming mountain towns like Cashiers, Highlands, and Asheville, Jocassee is secluded, yet easy to reach. It is conveniently located near major highways, accessible by commercial and private flights and acclaimed for unique cultural offerings in the area. With hiking, golfing, fishing, water skiing, boating, mountain biking, scuba diving, trail running, and more all at your doorstep, families can spend countless days creating unforgettable memories that will be treasured for generations.

A Pristine Mountain Lake Atop the Oldest Mountains In the World

Exploring Lake Jocassee and the mountainside is akin to wandering through the untouched folds of the earth. This gem of nature is lush with natural vegetation and rich history. Lake Jocassee and The Jocassee Sanctuary are situated perfectly for those with a spirit of adventure – and a spirit for life.

Lake Jocassee is unique unto itself; words cannot fully describe this place – a world of cool breezes and comfortable seasons, of crystal clear waterfalls cascading into an unspoiled mountain lake along 75 miles of uninterrupted shoreline. This region’s distinct personality is shaped by the lush Blue Ridge Escarpment, creating a unique microclimate that is home to an abundance of rare plant and animal life. With its confluence of rivers and streams and mountains and valleys, Lake Jocassee is a place where things seem to come together - a place where natural diversity and meaningful community converge in beautiful, balanced harmony.

Beneath Storied Waters, A Storied History

To whisper the name Jocassee is to conjure tales with generations of meaning. This beautiful gorge and lake area were named after the Cherokee princess, Jocassee. Beneath the peaceful waters of the lake, a great Cherokee community once thrived. Now, hundreds of feet beneath, everything from homesteads to a Church's stone walls, to standing forests all exemplify the truly storied nature of this area. From early settlers in rustic river lodges to exhilarating summer camps, Jocassee is one of the best-preserved mountain lake environments in the world. And one of the world's best-kept secrets.


Nestled in the mountains of the northeastern corner of South Carolina, Lake Jocassee offers some of the most pleasant weather conditions in the United States. Even during the hottest summer months the average high temperature is only 88 degrees, whereas the low temperature averages 27 degrees in January, the coldest month in the region. This temperate southeastern climate allows Lake Jocassee to offer ideal weather conditions that make outdoor living enjoyable year around.

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